2009 – 2010

This work addresses issues related to memory and trauma, mostly to the action of intentionally remembering in order to catalog the events, assigning them a particular order or meaning. Scraps is a collage work built from small pieces of personal memories of my childhood and some collective memories, both factual and questionable, that I gathered separately on miscellaneous materials (fabric, cardboard, paper, plastics). Then, gradually and arbitrarily, the pieces began to fall apart, recover and connect with each other, becoming an intricate and heavy piece. This project was both an exploration of my memory, seeking to give meaning to each of these moments -and many other forgotten memories that gradually appeared during this process, and an attempt to grasp the simultaneity of chaos and order, violence and quietness, reasonable and inadmissible. The piece had a sound component, the rhythm of the steps of the viewers amplified throughout the room. I was aiming to explain, or at least provoke a dialogue that would involve the viewer, through his own experience, as a witness of mine.

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